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The Parmaker Electric Golf Buggy, Light and Strong!

Parmaker has been manufacturing the world's best golf buggies since 1979.

Parmaker's motorised golf buggies are the only ones that are 100% manufactured in Australia. They are the strongest and most reliable electric golf buggies on the market. Just like the logo says, they're 'built better'.

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Parmaker has spent 30 years manufacturing the only Australian-made motorised golf buggies and walkers. Over this time the product has been constantly improved and honed to keep prices down and quality up. It's also enabled Parmaker to manufacture products that last years longer than their competitors. This is why Parmaker can offer a 5 year warranty on their motorised golf buggies and walkers and know that they will stand up to any punishment the roughest golf courses can dish out.

Many people were introduced to the Parmaker Golf Buggy brand by a friend who already owns one. If you look around your golf club you'll notice many, many golfers using Parmaker motorised golf walkers or ride-ons. A majortiy of these motorised golf buggies will be over a decade old - which is testament to their longevity. Other motorised golf buggies just can't keep up with Parmaker's reliability.

If it ever eventuates that you need help with your Parmaker motorised golf buggy, just ask one of your friends what our service is like. In the vast majority of cases you can bring your Parmaker walker or ride-on to our Mordialloc factory and we'll fix it on the spot.

If you have any questions please call or email us via the contact options on the contact us page.

*prices include the $100 rebate for your old golf buggy.

28 day money back guarantee on all Parmaker Motorised Electric Golf Buggies Parmaker 12 minute Golf buggy service Golf Buggy videos