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Dudley Podbury proud Parmaker golf buggy owner

Cerberus Golf Club proud Parmaker golf buggy owner




Malcolm Macpherson proud Parmaker golf buggy owner
Jim Greve proud Parmaker golf buggy owner

Ray Kelly proud Parmaker golf buggy owner

Trevor Male proud Parmaker golf buggy owner

Testimonials for Parmaker ride-ons and walkers

See why people choose our tough and reliable Parmaker products.

Parmaker Scout electric / battery golf buggy

Dudley Podbury
North Caulfield, Victoria

"I have quite a heavy golf bag and play 3 or 4 times a week, but nothing stops my Parmaker Scout Golf buggy. It's goes like a charm. The couple of times I have had little niggles they've been fixed quickly and courteously by the guys at Parmaker.

In fact apart from the buggy, I'd buy another one just on the strength of the service. It's so good I've convinced 6 of my friends to buy them too. I did have one friend who bought another model, but he's had so much trouble with it I expect he might become a Parmaker convert soon too."

Cerberus Golf Club
Lt. Commander Steve Wright, Alan Dewhurst, Steve Dawson, Col Dowd and Kathy Dowd

"We reckon there would be more Parmaker golf buggies at Cerberus per head than any other golf club in Australia. The golf buggies are fantastic, sturdy and reliable. But the best part about Parmaker, and everybody says this, is their service is tremendous. If you ever have little problems with wear and tear, you just drop in there and they'll fix it for you on the spot. You could buy those galloping goat brands on ebay, but who's gonna fix it when it breaks down?

And those little plastic things are always gonna be more problem than a sturdy Parmaker. A friend of ours had one of those other brands, and it was a popular brand, and it took two weeks just to fix a little problem with its wheel. You won't find that at Parmaker."

Parmaker Spirit electric / battery golf scooter

Malcolm Macpherson
Camberwell, Victoria

'I've had my Parmaker Spirit Golf Buggy for nearly 10 years now and I calculate I've riden it round the golf course over 1000 times. After all this work it's still going strong. I've never had a problem with it during this time other than one or two little 'niggles', and these were fixed by the excellent staff at Parmaker while I waited. As secretary/ treasurer of the Victorian Veteran Golfers Unions, I can safely say I've never heard another veteran complain about the service at Parmaker. It's first rate."

Jim Greve
Bittern, Victoria

"I've had my Parmaker Spirit Golf Buggy for about 6 years. I play golf regularly and the Spirit Golf Buggy goes just brilliantly. It always gets me around the course without any trouble. It's just so sturdy and reliable. Plus if at anytime you need a new part or anything because of natural wear and tear, you don't need an appointment. You just turn up and they'll fix it for you on the spot. I'd have no hesitation recommending Parmaker to anybody looking for a golf buggy."

Parmaker Explorer Electric / Battery Ride on Golf Cart

Ray Kelly
Camberwell, Victoria

"I worked as an aircraft engineer most of my life so I have the luxury of knowing how a lot of things work. I can safely say that Parmaker make the best golf buggies. I've seen the cheap overseas models fall to bits, and they're made with different parts so they're so hard to fix. I even know of a guy in WA who bought 1000 of the things at $150 each, sold them all for $650 and then sold the business, so this is what you've got to be wary of. For the best golf buggy, and best back up service, go for a Parmaker."

Trevor Male
Mt Martha Golf Club, Victoria

"I bought my first Parmaker in 1990. It was a difficult decision to buy local, however I chose to do it and it's a decision I have never regretted to this day - some 21 years and 3 Parmakers later and I have never been happier. Having just bought the latest model it’s easy to see the ongoing improvements.

Service over these years has not changed. Luke & Phil are always ready to assist in any way they can. When something goes wrong and it needs to be fixed quick, I can honestly say I have never had to leave the buggy to be repaired. The work has always been done straight away, and this is the most important thing to me. They always get me back on the course quickly.

The personal attention, the welcome, the smiles, you feel like more a friend than a customer at Parmaker. If you are thinking of buying a golf buggy these are the guys you should see.

Good luck and thanks Luke & Phil. "