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Parmaker Scout Golf Buggy
Handle for Golf Buggy
Solid wheel and 4th wheel for Golf buggy

Lighter & Stronger
Parmaker Scout Golf Buggy broken into parts

Parmaker electric golf buggies, batteries and extras

Parmaker set out in 1979 to build the best electric golf buggies in the world. To achieve this Parmaker’s golf buggies had to be stronger, lighter and more reliable than other companies. We had to use the latest materials and manufacturing techniques and they had to run, and run, and run.

The only way to achieve our objectives was to control every step in the process. From design and engineering, to manufacturing, to field testing.

This commitment to excellence has been a significant factor in Parmaker’s continued success. While other companies continue to import key componentry and materials from overseas, Parmaker remains resolutely ‘Australian-made’.

Scout - Looking to purchase a Scout golf buggy?

The PARMAKER Scout golf buggy is the most intelligent electric walker made today. Read on and we’ll tell you why.


The Scout’s handle is better.
It offers more comfortable speed control, meaning that you don’t have to constantly be ‘fiddling’ with it.The ability to position the handle for left or right handers is a real bonus too. Though not a big deal for right handers, left handers will be very aware of the difficulty finding products built for ‘molly-dookas’. Parmaker has responded to this ‘need’ and has designed the Scout’s clever handle accordingly.


The Scout has a remarkable electronic controller which emits a series of beeps to keep you informed on how your Scout golf buggy is ‘feeling’. If you have a flat battery, reversed battery connections or problems in the motor, handle or electronics, this handy little piece of componentry will be sure to let you know.


The Scout has solid, rubber wheels that can’t get punctured and will give you years of trouble-free cruising (there’s no spokes to catch sticks either).


The Parmaker Scout golf buggy is the first electric walker golf buggy to feature reliable front wheel suspension.
As you know, golf courses aren’t supposed to be flat. Hills, bunkers, gullys and rough are all designed to make your game more interesting. Unfortunately they don’t make the going very easy for a golf buggy. But with front wheel suspension your Scout will glide quietly and easily over the roughest terrain.

Box seat

The Parmaker Scout golf buggy comes with a handy compartment to store your tees, balls, pencils, scorecards or lollies to celebrate each shot.


The Scout has a whopping 200 watts of power at your disposal. This is more than any of our competitors and makes some of them (at just 90 watts) look positively puny.


Parmaker uses space-age materials to build the Scout. This means that it is extremely light and easy to manage, without sacrificing frame strength.

Easy pull apart

The Scout pulls apart in seconds to get you packed up and into the 19th hole faster.


The Scout golf buggy not only packs up fast, it also packs up ‘small’. This means that it will fit into even the smallest car boot without any trouble whatsoever. The Scout also is thankfully free of the dangerous or loose hinges that plague fold-up golf buggies.

See how easily they fold away!

See how easily the Scout folds away into a car boot by watching this movie.

Optional extras

You can customise your Scout golf buggy with the following optional extras:

Remote control

The Fourth Wheel


Umbrella Holder

Down Hill Brake

Click here for Scout technical specifications (PDF)

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Parmaker Scout SE Golf buggy
T handle and 4th wheel Golf buggy
Battery and case for Scout SE Golf buggy

Scout SE - Looking to purchase a Scout SE golf buggy?

The Scout SE golf buggy is testimony to Parmaker’s commitment to innovation and improvement. Despite the Scout being our most popular product, we decided to add all the best options available to produce a special edition ‘super-value’ walker. The amazing Scout SE is still priced below our competitors, yet is world’s ahead in terms of features and value. Here’s what we’ve done...


A Parmaker Scout SE golf buggy is the best built buggy on the market.
We know this because we build them from the ground up in our Melbourne factory. But to provide our customers with even greater peace of mind and security on the course we have provided a 3 YEAR WARRANTY* from your date of purchase.

What this means is that should your Scout SE develop a problem of any sort as a consequence of inadequate workmanship or component failure for up to 3 years after purchase, return it to us and we’ll fix it for free. Golf may have its ups and downs, but thanks to our 3 YEAR WARRANTY, your Scout SE never will.

*warranty covers machines only. Batteries and chargers are covered by the suppliers warranties


The Scout SE comes with a T-Handle for easy manoeuvring and comfort.

Umbrella holder

The Scout SE golf buggy comes with a handy umbrella holder. This is great on both wet and sunny days, and leaves your spare hand free to write down all the birdies you’ll be making.

The 4th wheel

The Scout SE has the added advantage of a handy ‘anti-tip 4th wheel’ to keep your golf bag and clubs on an even keel at all times.

Bigger battery

The Scout SE golf buggy has a bigger battery. This means that it will handle big bags and hilly courses with greater ease, and will last longer than standard batteries.

Battery bag

This useful battery bag is exclusive to the Scout SE. It protects the battery, while also adding a nice touch to the look of the unit.

Click here for Scout technical specifications (PDF)

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Parmaker Spirit Ghia Golf Buggy
Spirit Ghia in separate parts

Spirit - Looking to purchase a Spirit golf buggy?

The PARMAKER Spirit golf buggy is a no-nonsense, hard working golf buggy designed for use by those who need to cruise the course in style.


The Spirit is perfect for people weighing less than 100 kilograms (16 stone) who play on moderately hilly courses. If you weigh more than 100kgs, or frequently play on extremely hilly courses, then you should consider the Spirit Ghia.

Renowned PARMAKER reliability

Everything written so far about the use of space-age, lightweight materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques for the Scout is equally applicable to the Spirit. It is is strong, light, simple, reassuringly sturdy and will fit into almost any car boot.

Break it down

Despite its power and strength the Spirit golf buggy is still incredibly easy to fold up and stash away in the boot of your car. Even the smallest car boots can usually accommodate the Spirit.

See how easily they fold away!

See how easily the Spirit folds away into a car boot by watching this movie.

Fold up and put away the Spirit

1. Remove batteries and hinge down the tiller. 2. Lift Spirit into boot with ease 3. Tucked away in the car, even a small one.

If you don’t wish to place the Spirit golf buggy in your boot you can purchase a Parmaker ‘Car Carrier’ (see below).

Optional extras

You can customise your Spirit with the following optional extras:

Larger Seat

Front Basket

Reverse Gear

Removable Rear Wheels

Click here for Spirit technical specifications (PDF)

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Parmaker Spirit Ghia Golf buggy

Spirit Ghia - Looking to purchase a Spirit Ghia golf buggy?

The PARMAKER Spirit Ghia golf buggy is built on the foundation for the Spirit, but is a high powered version.

Slightly longer, marginally heavier and designed for people who weigh more than 100 kilograms, or play most of their golf on excessively hilly courses. If you fall into either of these categories the Spirit Ghia will offer you the additional power to cruise the course with ease.

Car carrier

The ‘Car Carrier’ was specifically designed for people who find it difficult placing the Spirit golf buggy, Spirit Ghia golf buggy or Explorer Ghia golf buggy in the boot of their car. The Car Carrier is bolted to your car’s tow bar. Then it is a simple process of lifting the Parmaker a few inches and then swinging the front wheel into the vertical position. Insert the retaining bracket, screw down the wingnuts, close the padlock and you’re away!


The Spirit Ghia car carrier is easy to use
1. Lift onto car 2. Connect bracket 3. Screw down 4. Close padlock 5. And off you go!

Optional extras

You can customise your Spirit Ghia golf buggy with the following optional extras:

Larger Seat

Front Basket

Reverse Gear

Removable Rear Wheels

Click here for Spirit Ghia technical specifications (PDF)

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Parmaker Explorer Golf buggy

Explorer Golf buggy Battery and Carrier

Explorer Ghia - Looking to purchase a Explorer Ghia golf buggy?

The Explorer Ghia golf buggy is Parmaker’s top-of-the-range 4 wheeler buggy. It is simply the safest, easiest and most secure way to play golf without the inconvenience or expense of 2 seater Buggies.

Ease of use

The Explorer Ghia allows you to follow your own ball with the quiet satisfaction and comfort only an electric buggy can offer. There’s no more of the zigzagging fairways and falling behind that you experience with 2 seater Buggies.


2 x 500 watt motors ensure you cover the course without breaking into a sweat. The Explorer Ghia also comes with reverse gear built in, a larger seat and a foot-operated brake.

Break it down

Like all Parmaker products, the Explorer Ghia golf buggy folds down with ease and, with a Parmaker Car Carrier, can be easily transported from home to course and back again (alleviating any problems with parking or storing a trailer).

See how easily they fold away!

See how easily the Explorer attaches to the back of your car by watching this movie.


Being electric, conversation is never in danger of being drowned out with an Explorer Ghia.

Car carrier

If you prefer to keep your boot free for other things, just get a Parmaker Car Carrier and your Explorer Ghia will neatly fit on the back.


An Explorer Ghia golf buggy is still approximately half the price of conventional 2 seater golf Buggies (and without any of the 2 seater hassles).

Standard extras

Your Explorer Ghia comes with a larger seat and reverse gar as standard.

Optional extras

You can customise your Explorer Ghia with the following optional extras:

Front Basket

Removable Rear Wheels

Please note

In line with our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to amend specifications without notice.

Parmaker Products Pty Ltd does not guarantee that a Car Carrier fitted to every type of tow bar on every make and model of vehicle conforms to the legislation of the Road Traffic Authority (or similar) in your State or region.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they meet all governmental requirements and abide by all relevant laws.

Click here for Explorer technical specifications (PDF)

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Extras and Batteries

PARMAKER buggy extras

Customise your Parmaker Buggy
Parmaker buggies are designed for strength, durability and unrelenting reliability. But on top of this quality foundation you may wish to ‘tweak’ your buggy and customise it with a range of available options such as...

Remote control for Golf buggy

Remote control

Manouvre your Scout or Scout SE via the remote control.

4th wheel for Golf buggy

The fourth wheel

Option for the Scout (standard on the Scout SE). Helps to keep the Scout on an even keel on really steep inclines.

T handle for Golf buggy


Standard on Scout SE, option on Scout. Easier to manoeuvre and control Scout, especially on hilly courses.

Larger seat for Golf buggy

Larger seat

Standard on the Explorer Ghia, but available as an option on the Spirit and Spirit Ghia. If you play a lot of golf this option is perfect for you.

Reverse gear for Golf buggy

Reverse gear

Standard on the Explorer Ghia, but available as an option on the Spirit and Spirit Ghia.

Removable wheel for Golf buggy

Removable rear wheels

An option for all "ride-on" (Explorer & Spirit) Parmaker electric vehicles. Can be useful for getting your Parmaker into awkward or strange-shaped boots.

Front basket for Golf buggy

Front basket

Option for all ride-ons. Can be handy for additional carrying space on your ride-on.

Umbrella holder for Golf buggy

Umbrella holder

Standard on the Scout SE, but an option for all other Parmakers, including "ride-on" vehicles.
Great for keeping your hands free for steering your ride-on, swinging a club or tucking cold hands into warm pockets.

Optional Down Hill Brake

By squeezing a lever on the handle, you can slow your Scout down steep hills.

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Battery prices & information

Any 12 volt deep cycle battery will work in our machines, but only a few brands represent value for money. The best quality battery is a German brand called Sonnenschein. On Average, golfers playing two 18 hole games each week enjoy 4 years battery life from Sonnenschein batteries.

You are very welcome to source your own batteries and chargers. For the Spirit, we recommend batteries of about 40 Ah capacity, and for the Spirit Ghia and Explorer models, batteries of between 50 Ah and 60 Ah. Be mindful that larger capacity batteries will generally last longer, but will be heavier to lift in and out of the boot of your car.

Prices guaranteed to be current.


Sonnenschein Batteries


Spirit Ghia




Golf Bag Carry Frame


Chargers (x2) *


Batteries (x2)


Car Carrier #

not needed
not needed





* Assumes 2 x 4 amp intelligent chargers

# The Spirit and Spirit Ghia models (3-wheeled) will fit in most car boots, although they can be carried on the Car Carrier if desired. The Explorer (4-wheeled) will almost certainly require a Car Carrier.

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